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Diet update...

An update on my diet experiment being as this is the beginning of week two.

Last week was tough on me as it was all new and very rigid in terms of what I could and couldn't have. Monday to Thursday night I dropped 2 kgs which is pretty huge given the timescales. That's just over 4 lb in old money.

I had decided to come off the diet for Friday as I was at a food intolerance show and it just wasn't practical. I was very active Saturday and I ran 26 miles yesterday on the SVP as a training run so decided to pick up the diet again today and have the whole weekend off.

What happened was that I ate normally over the weekend and put on a kg. This is a perfect example of what happens when people stop dieting. Things change, choices change and in time they then feel they have to start again. The never ending cycle keeps rolling on.

Will keep you posted through the week on how week two develops but already I'm back in that place where I know it is going to be a long slog.

There is a far better way. Keep you posted.

Have a great week.

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