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Be good to one another

This popped up in my timeline this morning as another busy day beckons. It struck a chord. If you’re part of clubs, businesses or organisations that really don’t get what you’re trying to do for the best of the group and ultimately others development, you have to accept that you are likely in the wrong place. That’s fine. Move on. It is all learning and sometimes finding your home takes time, sometimes you even have to build your own. Innovation and passion isn’t for everyone. Some people and organisations merely want to go through the motions and for everything to be the same because that’s how it’s always been. Change and growth require different skills and mindsets, especially if you’re trying to work on the here and now for the long term benefit of all. Connection, development, communication, standards, structure, discipline and outstanding delivery are all key. Don’t compromise. If you do I’m pretty sure the love for what you do and the growth that you’ve been part of will die. Be proud of what you’re putting out there for others. Continue to work hard on others and remember why you work so hard even if others only see themselves when they look at what you’re providing. Have a great day 👊🤓 #LookAfterYourBody

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