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It's all in the planning

Building a race programme for this year has had lots of parameters that have meant discipline as always has been key. I wanted big challenges. I’ve made them all to date in 2018. I have one left in the Montaine Cheviot Goat Ultra in December. Why am I telling you this? Simply because compared to other years I’ve hardly run. You’d be surprised how little when you see the numbers. I’ve had health and work demands that have meant my running has had to be super focused to get to finish lines on the Fox, St Cuthbert’s and now UTW. My nutrition, hydration, core work and rehab also. There’s a bigger plan for 2020 and next year hopefully sees me run more again in challenging races across 2019. The aim is to get quicker now and drive things forward. Building blocks. So sometimes when life gives you lemons there’s things to be gained. We can always be learning. We can also discover that maybe we are over focussing on the wrong elements. Discipline is key whatever it is. As I think is being uncomfortable with your goals but that may just be me. #LookAfterYourBody

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