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Balance is everything

Balance and effective loading of muscle is key to a happy body. If we are inefficient at loading the skeletal system we will hear about it. Pain is a huge topic for all of us when we are unbalanced. Too often we confuse pain with injury rather than imbalance when all we really need to do is listen to what our body is trying to say to us and act on it. Strength and conditioning of our bodies has many elements. Nutrition, hydration and sleep are three key areas that are often ignored but tie into s&c and vice versa. As individuals we tend to be unorganised and place value on some elements of training over others. An extra run is not the only option and often not the best use of time. Balance therefore does not have to be just a physical thing and we all have the keys to our own delivery. We just need to understand what key fits in what lock and map our own success from there. It will potentially take time in some cases but it will be worth it. Plateauing in training or performance is often misread as not being good at something or us having peaked. Think again. #LookAfterYourBody

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