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Super Chuck smashes Vegas in 3:50

Back at the beginning of July this year, Chuck Layzell came in to see me to ask for help with a marathon plan. He'd signed up to run the Las Vegas Marathon on the 11th November and wanted to lose some weight, get body hard and run the marathon in a time of sub 4 hours. New ground for him and he wanted to really stretch himself. All the way along the journey he has worked incredibly hard. Some of the numbers I set him were extremely challenging but he fought all those urges his brain threw at him to say it wasn't going to be possible in the early days and stuck at it, never complained and learned to live in the moment, ticking off each training day as he got them done. Running your first marathon is a special process. You have nothing to bench it against. On the day so many things can go wrong and it is more than likely you will have bad moments that can turn into bad times. So I am delighted to talk about a 3:50 marathon finish for this super human on Sunday. Really proud of all your hard work and stoic efforts to get the job done bud. Legend 👊🤓 #LookAfterYourBody

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