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It's all in the planning

So Legends, what’s it to be?

More good stuff planned for 2019 or become a “When I”?

You’ve all met them. In the pub, at run club, at the gym, at work, they're literally everywhere. “When I ran London, When I ran Brighton....”

So many one hit wonders and people living off that one thing they did in their own mind a while back that they roll out at every opportunity that apparently makes them a world authority on you and everyone else’s goals.

Boring right? Hell yes! You really don’t want to join that club.

Time to move on to your next thing. Time to build and develop again. You know so much more about yourself now than you did when you started 2018. Use it. Don’t lose it.

It doesn’t have to be another marathon or a bigger distance but you really should plan for something in 2019 and set some goals. Keep moving yourself forward.

Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.

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