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Get to Core Club

If you do one thing at the beginning of 2019, have a look at Core Club. Come to a Foundation Session (they’re free by the way) or just be brave and sign up for a month and see how you get on. We will show you that time is there to be maximised by the way that we put together activity blocks that develop your biomechanics, strength, balance and posture. The results are all around you. With over 150 members Core Club is the future of gym classes and ultimately gyms, so please do give us a look. 4 to 1 instructed to instructor ratios, focus on form, breathing, mind muscle connection, anatomy knowledge development, video homework, online community involvement, nutrition ideas and much much more. Alternatively, just keep paying for that gym membership that you’re getting nothing out of. Whatever you decide, we really wish that you set and smash some huge goals for you in 2019. Experiment of one and all that. #LookAfterYourBody

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