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You're in charge of you, not your mate!

People keep asking me which run shoes to buy now that there are sales on. My answer is I don’t know. I have an affinity with a brand that I won’t shift from but that’s my choice for my running in the environments I want to challenge myself in. This picture tells a thousand stories for me about why we should all focus on the #ExperimentOfOnetheory I keep going on about. If you don’t know, bythat I mean focus on ourselves. We are all different. Likewise, you will need your own run plan, you will need your own outlook on what nutrition and hydration you like that will fuel you, you will need your own rehab protocols and you will need your own opinion about what run shoes to buy. Ultimately shoes need to fit, be fit for purpose and be comfortable to wear. The rest is up to you. If you have technical issues with your feet in that you pro or supinate then get that checked out as well and then go from there. Coes have a big sale on locally where you can cover the shoes off. Remember though that it’s you that’s wearing them. Not your mate, nor your Mum. Do they fit, are they fit for purpose and are they comfortable to wear? Be a lion, not a sheep. #LookAfterYourBody

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