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Step outside

Saw this image earlier today and it got me thinking about growth zones. Growth comes in many forms but if you're not growing mentally, your physical growth in terms of performance has likely stalled and isn't happening any more. Being stuck in a place where you feel comfortable isn't the place to be. Working hard and even being scared by the challenges ahead breeds a healthy respect for what is to come. It focuses the mind and will help you train and work with the goal as the outcome. Thinking you're the finished article and rubbishing people for wanting to get better because you either think you're better or they are working harder than you is a cocktail for misery. Not only will everyone think you're a cocque, but you won't perform above your minimum because that's the standard you've set for yourself. Some people will tell you that your comfort zone isn’t necessarily a negative place to be. What it is though for me is a flat, featureless landscape that holds no surprises. If you want to fully engage in your life, you can't live here as more often than not you will feel unfulfilled, directionless or lacking purpose. In my view the growth zone is where it's all at. By comparison to the comfort zone, the growth zone is a rich, vibrant landscape that is forever prompting me to move, rather than sit still. So the safest place to be is not your comfort zone, it's your growth zone. It's where all the magic happens. #LookAfterYourBody #ExperimentOfOne #ABCs#JRSTT #CoreClub #NMR #MMR

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