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Work hard on you

If you’ve recently achieved/finished the goal you were working towards and so have ultimately climbed your mountain you will probably agree that when you were up there admiring the view, other mountains came into view and you can see that this isn’t the end. In fact it’s just part of the journey. It may even be just the beginning for you. That’s normal. As a species we have this inbuilt evolutionary mechanism. Trouble is most people have it turned off as where we sit at the top of the food chain means we don’t need to stay hungry for ongoing development and keen to keep pushing. So we’ve got lazy as a species. We are meant to move. Your muscular skeletal system was designed for running. We’ve learned to swim, bike, develop hand eye coordination to play other sports and we can communicate. You weren’t designed to sit on your arse in silence and watch a television. A lot. Today is the 24th February. The longer nights will soon be here. The sun will soon be shining longer again and we will be back to warmer skies. So let’s go! If you’ve not got some goals then set some. If you have, keep going. You’re doing just fine JR x

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