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Be Proud

Some wonderful achievements yesterday, some of which may not have ended in the results people dreamed of but nevertheless wonderful achievements.

For example, to stand on a start line knowing your body may well fall apart takes courage and guts. I know that feeling when it all collapses. I know how lonely it is in the seconds, minutes, hours and days after it happens but I also know how sweet the taste is when you put it right down the line. I truly believe we learn more when things go wrong than we do when they go right.

I am also constantly amazed by the readiness at which some people take credit for others successes.

Did they run it for you? Did they put in the hard work? Were they out there in all weathers battling against themselves?

No they didn’t and no they weren’t. You did it.

It was all your work. And you should be immensely proud. Of yourself.

So regardless of your outcomes this weekend remember this. You are an experiment of one. You’re unique and you’re pretty special.

Whatever your outcome, work harder.

Lots of love

JR x

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