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2nd Overall in JOGLE

From GB Ultras...

JOGLE Update - First Male Finisher

Storming over the line at 14:19 today after putting in back to back runs of 63 miles was John Reynolds who not only is our first male finisher in the JOGLE, but takes 2nd overall place.

Not only did John set off on a 43 mile run this morning at 01:12, followed by a 20 mile stint, he’s basically been going non-stop over the last four days in an effort to get to the finish line. And what an effort that was to plough through those final miles with such force after 25 days of running!

Congratulations John, enjoy a well earned rest now!

Who’s going to take 3rd place? It’s certainly close between Tris Lumley, Hilary Clinton and Ian Harrison and as soon as we’ve received their run submissions, we’ll be announcing the latest finisher in our Virtual JOGLE!

Keep up to date with the progress here


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