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41 Mile Swim? Yes, I said 41 Miles 😱

Yesterday the rather brilliant and super outstanding Nicola Naunton swam around Jersey. That’s 41 miles in a time of 12h 36mins if you’re a clock watcher. I will just say that again. 41 miles. Wow!!

She was in during the week, full of life and beaming as always. I am in awe of this lady. She is simply an unbelievable athlete.

What I’ve learned is that she likes everything low key so a massive, massive reverse shout out today.

Please join me in congratulating Nicola in her off the chart, jaw dropping achievement and again proving that with the right attitude, belief, commitment and dedication to your quest, you can and will surely conquer the world.

Really am so pleased for you NN. Stunning 🏊‍♀️ x


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