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500 & Out

My fifth and final SVP100 yesterday supporting the truly brilliant Rosie Barrack.

Bazza was outstanding from start to finish. She had so many unplanned elements to manage as the race unfolded but dug in super deep and got it done. Her family and friends out on the course willing her on were amazing, carrying us in and out of checkpoints with such positivity.

I’ve loved this race and local races in general but having done them all to death I’m moving on to other things further afield from next year.

Thank you to Matthew for yet another brilliant race, the number which was a really unexpected nice touch and all the brilliant crew out on the course in what at times were silly windy conditions.

So I’m volunteering at this one from now on. If you haven’t done the 100, go for it. It’s a truly epic day out in beautiful Suffolk and I look forward to cheering you all on if you do.


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