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200 +

#AllTogetherNow proved to be just the ticket. To a man woman, child or dog, people and hounds overachieved.

I set out with 75 miles in mind as I’m leading 6 Core sessions a week and have dropped my weekly mileage to give me more recovery across that work and the week. But people soon asked for a run bud and that is what this week was all about. Supporting one another and being as active as possible along the way through movement. Swim, walk or run but get it done.

Anyway, I broke 200 miles for the week this afternoon having initially thought I’d leave it be in the 190’s.

Crazy mileage but the body felt okay and I enjoyed the week immensely. Given the running I’m really pleased with the way I’ve come out of it.

Very tired now so some decent recovery planned for next week.

Well done everyone who took part. Immense efforts all around x


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