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Better Run Form. Better Run Experience 👣

Meet Mark.

Mark is a guy who was brave enough to buy an Ultimate Training Sessions Pack early last year. 10 one hour sessions given over to me so that I could break him down and put him back together. We are half way through those sessions today with session five in the bag and boy, has he worked hard on himself.

Results wise, he’s up there with everyone else who puts themselves bravely in my hands and does as they are asked. He’s done a first class job and his results to date are amazing.

This isn’t just about telling people what they’re doing wrong and saying, “do this, do that”. If it was that simple the body would be doing it anyway. This is about understanding why a body moves the way it does in conjunction with tools such as video analysis, functional movement analysis, drills and movement analysis, activation awareness and understanding, and ultimately giving people like Mark the tools to make real change in their movement patterning that stick and give him a body that works as one rather than one that fights itself when he asks it to move.

If you’re looking for change in your movement patterning in 2021, visit the shop on this site and be like Mark. There are some great packages on offer until 20 December.


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