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Breathing. Can't Say How Important It Is...

Just a little pre amble into next weeks topic on breathing over at Core Club Online and though I would share it on the website as well. So most of you will know that I deliver run tech courses and breathing is a session in its own right. So within those courses come breathing techniques and run techniques to aid all of that change. What’s struck me though is how poor as a species at breathing we are. I won’t steal my own thunder and give up the content ahead of time but I will let you in on some stats on myself. Not that I want you to compare. I run. You know this. Some run stats of mine... 1 Mile PB - 4:57 5KM PB - 17:58 Half Marathon PB - 1:32:01 Marathon PB - 3:08:59 100 Mile +20,000 feet of elevation PB - 31:36:05 Steps in a day - 144, 828 Steps in a week - 623,373 I’m proud of all of these. 5 of 7 of these PBs are within the last two years. But... Let’s look at two breathing stats... Average max lung capacity of a male human being - 7 litres Max lung capacity of JR - 4.5 litres This shocked me. I honestly thought I’d be right up there. Really did. The other thing to say is that lung reading of mine has grown in three weeks from 4.2 litres to 4.5 litres just by giving up 10-15 minutes a day to practice breathing. As a result I’ve thought a lot recently about what I might achieve with better lungs. I’ve also thought a lot about Covid 19 and why there is such a link to respiratory failure globally at this time. The answer is that we are not very good at breathing. In fact we are rubbish at it. What the last three weeks have shown me though like everything else we do at Core Club Online is that positive change is possible. Looking forward to sharing more with you next week. JR x


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