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CoRe ClUb OnLiNe. YoUr S&C LaYeR

Most runners only take on strength and conditioning when they are retuning from injury. As we have discussed, there are many layers to being a human being and being in the right place to achieve your goals.

As I have stated previously, for me the underlying message is simple: I am training every day of my life.

Don’t fall into the habits of so many humans who dip in and out of movement. We are not designed to do that. Movement is an everyday commitment if you truly want to be a human in the form that we were designed for.

A lot of runners have gym memberships.

I have a question around going to the gym and doing intensive sets of repetitive movement involving weights? My question is, are you merely building strength for the sake of strength or are you building strength and conditioning your body for running movement?


The aim of any S&C layer has to be to aid. Aid so that you can run efficiently, beautifully, with balance, without tension. The best way to strengthen your body for running is to develop a range of movement that stimulates dynamic run movement.

I’ve talked a lot about the compartmentalisation of movement into one-hour blocks. As humans we seem to operate this way, putting everything into time bound packages. When it comes to movement, generally our choices of what to do with these time bound, one-hour movement blocks is poor.

Ask yourself whether the traditional view of strength & conditioning is what you need or whether you need to spend the time conditioning yourself for running specific strength…

Core Club Online. Believe me, it is all you need.

Many physiotherapists, sports therapists and strength and conditioning coaches struggle building programmes that compliment and stimulate dynamic run movement. Core Club Online has been years in the making. It ticks all the boxes.

ExPeCt It To FeEl HaRd.

Almost everyone I speak to about Core Club Online says it is hard. It is also the main reason that people join and bail pretty early during the process. Any process. Movement where you have to take back control of your body and think about it requires concentration. Concentration takes more brain power. I can honestly say that Core Club Online is never going to be tougher than the first few sessions you do.

Stick at it. Your perceived rate of exertion will believe me, level out. You will see whole body development both in class and in your running. You will see strength successes, balance betterment, coordination collaborations and body shape changes.

The aim of Core Club online is to aid and develop your movement capabilities. Obviously, there is a need to develop and maintain your run form as well. Ultimately, I want running to feel free for you and your default form to be efficient and beautiful.

Commit to yourself and do the sets. Give it time, see the results.


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