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Elevation Central Head Torch Run 30/10/2020

The time is here people. Ipswich’s best kept playground secret is about to go viral. Only it won’t, because most people hate vertical and don’t see the benefit of it in their training.

The route is 1.45 miles long and will give you 220 feet of climbing per lap. I ran for an hour solid the other morning and completed five and a bit laps. That gave me over the 7.25 miles and 1,100 feet of climbing that you’d achieve for the five loops.

So What Can You Expect?

Well it will be very dark and the terrain is very technical. Head torches are non-negotiable. We’ve had a lot of rain so you’ll need trail shoes with grip. Don’t be a pencil head and turn up in road shoes. This is the closest I can get to mountain running in Suffolk. The only thing that is missing is the rocks but I’ve got a lot for you to navigate so don’t be afraid to walk some of the downs or bring your poles if you have them and want to practice that stuff. Or you can be like me and pretend you are 11 and go wild in the woods for an hour and a half. That’s what I am giving you, an hour and a half to do your five laps if you want the 1100 feet of elevation, 18 minutes per loop. If you want 1000 feet you’ll need to do 4 and a half loops which gives you 22 minutes per loop. The ups are short but they are sharp and great fun to run day or night. The reason we are doing it at night is to be free of dog walkers and allow us to put more of you out there on the route. One final note on kit. Look at the weather before you leave and please dress appropriately.

I’m going to mark it as best I can ahead of the meet up so that you have as little to worry about in terms of route as possible. Biodegradable fluorescent yellow paint, maybe some fluorescent yellow poles marking your ups and maybe some fluorescent tape. I’m also giving you the GPX and you can pick that up in the files section of Core Club Facebook now. I suggest you download that to your watch and have it available on the night. Night running off a watch is a skill and this is something worth learning. This is not a guided run so if you don’t have that facility on your watch we will need to pair you up on the night with someone who does.

All I ask is that until we have run it on Friday you don’t shout about it if you run it before and any run you do of it you mark as private on your social media run platforms please until Friday is out of the way. You’ll note that our head torch runs are now well beaten paths since we welcomed people into our world last winter. The same will be true of this. It is an epic run and despite being 1.45 miles long it never gets old and it has everything. I absolutely love this set.

November Runs

These will be different again. The first one on the 6th is forest running and is 6-7 miles of easy, flat, magical forest trails. Be there!

Core Club. Movement not exercise.


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