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Game Changer

Core Club Online is on sale now for August in the shop over at

I've been running the new format for the last two and a bit months and am seeing real physical change in both myself and those that attend.

When classes went online, coaching moved from demo, correct and support to demo and lead. There's still all the references to muscles, breathing, form and the motion capabilities of muscle and joint but I'm also up top leading and motivating all the way.

Class sets are built around functional movement patterns and all contain elements of balance, proprioception, HIIT and time under tension. All are wrapped in the need for solid mind muscle connections.

So much thought went into the sets, how they flow, how they build and peak. Hours and hours of moving patterns around so that they compliment rather than compromise.

The results have been simply incredible.

From a weight perspective I'm the lightest I've been since I was 17. I'm the strongest I've ever been. I'm running straight off the back of classes with no fatigue and feeling great the following day after big sets. I was in a good place before but now I'm at a whole different level.

My running is also benefitting as a result. I'm running 100 mile plus weeks consistently without feeling tired. Some other mind blowing stats are as follows...

My biggest week to date has been 372 miles.

I came 2nd in GB Ultras JOGLE covering 825 miles in 24 days.

I will log over 700 miles in July alone.

I no longer do any real stretching outside of warm down in class.

Now I'm not alone in seeing changes in my body. Over on the Core Club page members are openly talking about their gains and wins.

Why am I telling you this?

August is all about getting you moving. Schools out and we should all be making time to move more. The monthly pass is reduced to £29 from £35 and you only need one per household.

Regardless of whether you run, swim, walk, play team or individual team sports, this is a game changer.

So get involved and discover your true potential.


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