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As humans we are cross lateral movers and this behaviour starts in the womb. Babies learn to crawl and that is opposite arm, leg so cross lateral driven.

The cerebellum is responsible for coordination and as a result we rely on this brain space to develop our ability with movement patterning. If we are poor at catch, pass, run, walk, throw mechanisms we will be weak in this area of the brain.

There are two parts to the nervous system.

1. The brain and spinal cord which is the command and control centre

2. The peripheral nervous system which receives messages from sense receptors. This system is known to be “very plastic” and as such mouldable. BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) plays a significant factor in the plasticity of the CNS. Exercise stimulates the BDNF and cross lateral movement patterns stimulate the motor cortices and balance system. Functionality does deteriorate with age and with sedentary lifestyles.

The brain is a muscle that grows with movement and as such, therefore the nervous system can change with the right stimulation. Therefore, it is possible to rebuild movement patterns from the bottom of the body up. Not the top down. So, it follows that we should always start with the feet.

When we are learning more efficient movement patterns, we start at the beginning and are learning things that we clearly can't do. We move through four stages of learning.

1. unconscious incompetence, becomes

2. conscious incompetence when we learn of the need for correction. This becomes

3. conscious competence as we work at the fix, before it becomes

4. unconscious competence when we can perform the patterning without thinking about it.

Get to Core Club.

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