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Supporting Athletes and Doing More

Yesterday I supported Carla on the beginning of her journey to go considerably bigger than she has done to date. She has 20 odd marathons to her name but 2021's run journey sees her take herself to places in her head and body that are unfamiliar. It just happened that rather than us getting out on one of her weekly training runs as is the norm, yesterday we took part in CTS Coastal Suffolk and I coaxed her round the 33.5 miles to a 30 minute 50k PB as she also hit her longest run to date.

Carla trains hard and understands that there are many layers to her getting to her prize. She understands she has to nail them all if she is to achieve her goals. For me, on my side of the relationship, it's not just about a run plan and zoom calls. Yesterday afforded me the opportunity to see where we can really focus in on in the short term. It's why I offer to run with all the people I support, for free.

If it's not running I like to see your sporting environment and understand it and you before we start work on any changes.

Layers are key to winning your personal battles and achieving your goals. Make sure you surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.


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