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It's All About The Why?

I’ve been doing so much video analysis of late. I love the learning capability for the athlete through the medium as the feedback is instant and there to see on the screen.

The key to it though is what you do with it. Where’s the issue coming from? Is it a strength issue as athletes are so often incorrectly told or is it a timing issue? And are there other factors in play such as tightness or lack of range which are so often overlooked or dismissed as non contributory because the focus is never more than symptom based for the athlete.

We are very much a species that relies on balance and harmony across our levers and pulleys set up it seems to me. If we are to get the body to perform well and without complaint we need to learn as individuals how to harness this best.

Valuing and developing simple movement patterns will lead to better movement. Crucially though, you need to make it functional and relevant to what you are trying to achieve in your end goals. So often this point is missed in exercise because of a lack of imagination and freedom to think things through.

For me, sitting still and taking tablets won’t get rid of loading pain as when you move again the patterning is the same. The key is to try to become more efficient top to toe, to build better, more efficient movement pathways. This takes time and effort and as a species we’ve become poor generally around both of those topics.

Buck some trends. Be different. Work on you.


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