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Join Core Club Online in 2022. Game Changer.

I see so many people who say "I couldn't do that".

How do you actually know that you couldn't do whatever it is you say you can't do if you've never tried?

Go for it. You will be amazed what you can do if you believe in yourself, work hard and get it done. Work hard on yourself and develop you rather than copying what others are doing. We are after all, all of us unique.

Don't compare yourself to others, don’t try to be someone else and don’t live in the shadow of people who hold you back.

Work out what it is you want to try to do and then work hard and commit to it.

The comparisons you make moving forward in the short term, should be the comparisons of your life at the point you committed to your vision of the life changes you needed to make to help you start to make changes. Keep it simple, change takes time and it needs to be achievable to create the momentum that will carry you forward long term. There are so many layers. It isn’t just about weight , movement and food. It’s about health yes, but if you needed a word that describes it the best, I’d say it’s about balance. And I don’t mean standing on one leg although if you’re part of Core Club Online you’ll know that’s important too.

Achieving goals is and should be seen by yourself as remarkable given the world we live in today with all its influencers and pressures. It is simply you versus you. Achievement is possible. Getting there after weeks and months and even years of dedication and training your body and mind is a remarkable thing. Personal creation of positive change takes time. Experiment of one and all that. So go on, commit to something big in 2022. Make that commitment be to yourself. Plan, execute, achieve. Where to start? I’m happy to help if you want that input. Have one rule for yourself though between now and the New Year… Don’t allow yourself to get drawn in by all the social media pictures of bodies and skills sets that aren’t yours promising you the world on a stick if you buy this and buy that. You have the kit you need in the short term and maybe even the long term. You were born to move. Your body and mind craves it. That craving may currently be buried under other cravings but believe me it’s there. Go find it in 2022.


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