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Lockdown & Summer 2020 Fundraising Total

With the kids about to go back to school and summer officially putting on its coat to welcome in the autumn, I lay in bed last night thinking of all that we’d done during these strangest of times.

And then I got up and started writing it all down…

When you look at it laid out below, we’ve done a huge amount in our little community. So please be very, very proud. I am of all of you. Thank you so much for looking out for me during lockdown, the Summer of 2020 and always. Below are some of the highlights we ripped through as a collective with some personal milestones from me thrown in there as well. Whilst I’m always one for looking forward, we should recognise that we kept going and looked after one another…

• We ran Core Club Online Classes & Core Club Lunchtime Biomechanics Seminars Free to All for 14 weeks delivering 7 online sessions a week.

• We delivered Ipswich U16 Rugby Strength & Conditioning Online Sessions 3 times a week throughout lockdown and beyond – Produced a video showcasing ball skills development drills.

• We organised and I completed the Garden Path Marathon in 5:16:05 in my back garden. Participants ran distances up to Marathon distance.

• We organised and completed Confinement Day where participants members performed 4851 movement patterns in a confined space.

• We organised and took part in the King of the Jungle Animal Movement Patterning Day where participants mimicked animal movement patterns.

•I increased my biggest ever Monthly Run Mileage in May 2020 to 455.5 Miles.

• We organised Run or Walk 5k for the NHS starting out with a target of £500 and raising over £15,000 for Ipswich & Colchester Hospital NHS Trust Covid 19 Staff Wellbeing Appeal. Produced a video showcasing some of the people who took part. Participants also produced their own videos.

• We organised the Strava Art Competition Week that saw competitors draw pictures through movement.

• We organised and I ran the Garden Path 100 Miles challenge in a time of 28:28:56 running up and down the path In my back garden raising a further £2,000 + for our charity. I was heavily supported by Core Club members who provided massive virtual support and got me home.

• We supported Paul Gardiner in his Garden Marathon challenge at home.

• We took part in the Centurion Running One Event running 100 miles in the week supporting Core Club members doing the same.

• We worked with people who weren’t running at the beginning of lockdown and helped them achieve distances of up to 100 mile weeks during lockdown.

• We helped people lose weight and feel better mentally and physically as a result during lockdown through Core Club Online.

• I increased my biggest Personal Mileage Week to 151 Miles.

• I increased my biggest ever Monthly Run Mileage in June 2020 to 486.6 Miles.

• I increased my biggest Personal Mileage Week to 256 Miles.

• I increased my biggest Personal Mileage Week to 276 Miles.

• I took part in GB Ultras Jogle finishing in 2nd Place completing 825 Miles in under 25 days.

• I increased my biggest Personal Mileage Week to 372 Miles.

• We supported Core Club members running Dixons Race to the Stones 100k week.

• We organised and took part in All Together Now 2020. A week long celebration of Movement not Exercise where people swam, walked and ran, pushing our fundraising over £20,000 for our chosen charity.

• We took part in the Montane Virtual Lakeland 100 mile week supporting Core Club members doing the same.

• I increased my biggest ever Monthly Run Mileage in July 2020 to 807.4 Miles.

• We supported runners taking part in SVP50 and SVP100 in achieving their goal in August.

I so love being part of our Core Club community. Have a think about all you've achieved during lockdown and beyond, I bet your list is as big as mine. Thank you all so much for making Core Club what it is and thank you for being part of raising such a huge amount of money.

JR xx


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