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Next One2Run5k Course Launches on 7th January 2020

With 2020 round the corner, the next One2Run5k course kicks off in January at Rushmere Community Runners.

Below is some of the feedback from the first course. This course isn't just for new runners. I would recommend anyone looking for a better run experience to get onboard.

Contact Stu Weaver at RCR for more information on booking but don't delay, it is selling out fast.

I'm in the process of finishing up the writing over Christmas of a Speed Development Course as well as an Advanced Run Form Course so watch this space on those.

So here is that feedback on One2Run5k...

"I thought the course was amazing it taught me how to run, run drills, how to breathe, warm-up, cool down etc. It really has been valuable, and every week was very engaging and interesting!"

"For the sessions I attended I found them to be very informative regarding aspects of running that I had not even thought about. I enjoyed learning about warming ups and warming down, stretching etc."

"I really enjoyed the course and was able to benefit from learning a better technique and think about how/what I was doing."

"The course was very comprehensive covering all aspects of running. I found the guidance on form very useful."

"I enjoyed the structure, content and method of delivery. The positive support for all levels of attendees was excellent."

"I thought the course was very informative. And it was great to be encouraged so much along the way regardless of your running abilities."

"Well supported course. Learning to run to help prevent injuries. Great people and support but all on own journeys with no pressure."

"I thought the course was well balanced from week to week making the whole course very achievable for any ability. I liked the fact that the whole course wasn’t just about running a certain distance or for a certain length of time, it was warming up and cooling down, strength work, techniques, balance and probably more important for some making bonds and friendships and having leaders who support and encourage you so you can reach your full potential."

"Great course and the support both from the other runners and the coaches has been really motivating. Learning how to breathe properly when running after struggling for so long was a highlight/revelation for me!"

"Great coaching and loved the different sessions and warm-ups so it didn’t feel monotonous."

"The course was excellent & I liked the technical side."

"Really enjoyed the course - favourites learning new techniques and being able to practice them -and being part of a friendly group."

"The course was excellent far better than I imagined it could be. Favourite bits learning new techniques and tips each week. Also being part of a group."

"It has been excellent. I have completed c25k on my own before and struggled with breathing, and focus. Best bit is i know I can carry it on. I have met a couple of other ladies in exactly the same state/pace and have met them throughout to complete the homework."


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