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One2Run5k. Done.

The first graduates of One2Run5k came through the finish funnel tonight. The feedback has been off the chart and far exceeded any expectations I had when I sat down and wrote it. Below is a taste of the feedback gathered so far...

"I thought the course was well balanced from week to week making the whole course very achievable for any ability. I liked the fact that the whole course wasn’t just about running a certain distance or for a certain length of time, it was warming up and cooling down, strength work, techniques, balance and probably more important for some making bonds and friendships and having leaders who support and encourage you so you can reach your full potential."

"Absolutely 100% recommend this course. It's been truly amazing. One of the best things I've ever done. I've learnt how to run properly and efficiently as well as becoming part of the RCR family. I've made new friends who have gone through the process with who I will continue to run with as my journey continues. It's helped with my wellbeing and the sense of achievement each week as I've run further and further is incredible. Loved every single minute of it."

"Do the one2run5k as it’s the most in depth course you will get for a beginner- even if you are not a beginner you should attend to better your performance"

I'm very grateful to RCR for trusting me with their brand and allowing me to run this programme. I've met many wonderful people whilst delivering over the 13 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed watching this group of runners blossom and grow. Thanks to Michael, Clare, Lee and John for their great work on the course as a runner support tag team and especially to Stu and Sarah who have been brilliant for me and constants throughout the 13 week process. You are both gold dust!

Lastly, well done to the club tonight and thank you for welcoming in the One2Run5k runners so brilliantly and well done to our runners. You are the most amazing group of people. Proud of you all.

Keep on running xx


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