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Please Get Involved #Run5kForTheNHS

Okay so this is my last big push post before you all do your thing tomorrow and run or walk 5k safely, whether that be at home or carefully outdoors without causing yourselves or anyone else any issue.

We are going to leave this campaign open and running until Sunday evening so if you can't run tomorrow but want to be part of it you can run on Sunday. Importantly it means we have until Sunday night, midnight to raise as much money as we can.

These two superstars are real legends of the Core Club and JRSTT community. Rosie has been with us since pretty much day dot and Beth has been with us for a fair, fair while now. They are sisters, great friends, Mums and wives.

They've lost someone to Coronavirus in the last fortnight.

They have both posted fundraising videos and got behind this campaign at the most difficult of times for their families. Up until Rosie told me of their loss, this was something that was going on around me even though we have so many people from within our community fighting on the front line.

Things are going to get a lot tougher in the next few weeks and we have this amazing time bound opportunity to raise as much money as we can to help these wonderful people help us. We should make the most of that opportunity.

Today you have raised almost £3k. Let's blow the roof off this thing and really make it something that stands the test of time. The time when we all came together across a community and helped the local NHS battle in the war that is Covid 19.

Let's help them help us.


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