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Run Form. One Size Doesn't Fit All

From then to now…

People often ask me about run form and how I can help them. I even saw a post today where someone had been having run form coaching and honestly, looking at what they were doing with their body after the coaching, I’d have asked for my money back.

But that’s the thing about you and how you run. You only know what you know. Getting the right help can be a minefield especially if coaches have been on an England Athletics course. It should be good right? Not so. The learning about the human body has moved on considerably since those courses were written and a one size fits all approach isn’t going to work. For me anyway. Experiment of one and all that. You know my starting point for any kind of movement development by now I’m sure. If you don’t then by all means get in touch or ask one of the many people who have benefitted from Core Club Online or a JRSTT Run Package.

The photos?

Oh yes, well a bit more about those…

I’ve been working with Fi for a while now. She works so hard at the things we develop in her form, she watches all the video intently, reads all the narrative a number of times and she has developed a real understanding of how to get the maximum amount of elasticity into her body by using it properly in movement.

Fi is also considerably lighter weight wise now than she was in the photo on the left. She’s got the right shoes that fit and she’s now literally flying. At club on Monday she hit a max pace of 5:12 min mile.

I rewrote all my course content last year during a lockdown. The Run Tech and Biomechanics Video Run Tech courses are comprehensive and individual to the runner. Learning works both ways and I’m now super happy as they are just so comprehensive and up to the minute in terms of thinking and form development.

If you’re serious about developing your run form then the courses are for you. If you think there’s a magic pill then I’m afraid they aren’t. You have to put the work in. If you do though the outcomes are all gold.

Both courses are on sale until the end of June in the JRSTT shop and then they will bounce back to full price for the foreseeable as busy doesn’t cover it. Courses are value added and over engineered to exceed your expectations. Bookings are roughly running four weeks ahead so if you’re having a Covid staycation this summer, this could be a great use of time.

Thanks for reading.


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