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Run Tech Black Friday Deal 12th November

Run Tech.

It’s not about “Balloons” or “Pringles”. If you’ve done a standard Run Form class you’ll know what I mean by those two words.

This course is all about efficiency of movement, your movement. Not some pre-defined set criteria that we try and cram you into. Efficiency means so many things to me. Less pain, less injury potential, less effort, more enjoyment, more reward, more understanding and more chance of development are my keys. Oh and it’s for everybody. We can all always get better at everything. There’s no such thing as a finished product where movement is concerned.

There’s also no magic bullet. Ultimately, I can’t make it happen for you just by showing you. You have to want to and be prepared to put in the work and work hard on changes. I will show you how and will work with you to create change that is specific to you.

This Friday Run Tech is the Black Friday deal. Full price is £300.00 for the course. At that price it’s a steal, but what will it cost in the sale?

You’ll have 24 hours to make your purchase on Friday 12th November.


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