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Run Tech - The Swing Phase

I watch a lot in runners as I'm ferrying Arch and Picks about. Runners going about their runs, not aware of what's going on with their legs. Nobody gets run form lessons right? We just run.

The bottom line is that this movement (highlighted in the photo) is linked to habit, simple as that. It is exaserbated by a lack of a sufficient posterior kinetic chain.

What I see in this photo is internal, external hip rotation coupled with foot inversion, eversion.

If you have a history of ITB and knee pain this may be you.

My point?

You can spend a lot of money having people work on your knee pain and your ITB issues but they are symptoms. And if you don’t correct the cause you’ll never solve the problem. The cause is your swing phase. Correct your swing phase, solve the pain in your knee.

Understand your mechanics, understand what your body is trying to tell you through pain.


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