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#Run5kForTheNHS hits £3400 in Four Days

We have so many people within or JRSTT and Core Club Community that either work for, are volunteering for or have been touched by the great work of the NHS.

One of them is our great friend Michelle Mitchell. Michelle is a Transplant Survivor. She’s also a World, European and British Transplant Games Track ⭐️ Gold Medalist. I’ve lost track of the number of titles she holds.

We’ve worked together for a number of years now and she’s just a beacon of light and an wonderful ambassador for Addenbrookes, the NHS and running all rolled into one. She also gets looked after by the great people at Ipswich Hospital along the way. Being a Transplant Survivor means that life is always under review.

Michelle is rightly viewed as high risk when it comes to the current Coronavirus pandemic. She’s been in isolation for nearly a month now. By isolation I mean isolation. We could all take a minute to think about how safe we are being and be more like Michelle I’m sure.

On Saturday she’s running her 5k on her treadmill. She’s staying safe just like we’d like you all to do.

She’s also had a really decent T shirt printed to mark the occasion.

So let’s help them help us.

The £3400 mark was broken through this evening and that is quite simply, amazing. Four days we’ve been rolling, and the generosity across the geographical community is just so good to see. But we want to really hammer the target for all these wonderful people working on the frontline. Let’s go people and really smash the ceiling on this. We only ever had a week. Let’s make it huge.

So let’s get as many people involved as we can. Safely.

Whether that means going out very early or very late on trails or in setting up in your garden or your front room. Whether it be walking or running. Get behind this campaign and be part of it. Not for me, but for your friends, family and loved ones.

Let's help them help us.


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