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#StrongerTogether2021 Climate & Movement

#StrongrTogether March 2021


Trees not Tees Campaign

As a species we are very much in a climate crisis and during March 2021 we at Core Club Online are going to do our bit to help the cause. I’ve thought about the question long and hard… how can we make a difference? So I spoke to a few people and I’ve come up with this as a way of our #StrongerTogether contribution.

The environmental cost of making a race t-shirt is huge. It takes the same amount of water that a person drinks in 2.5 years to make a single cotton t-shirt, plus over 2kg of eCO2. If it’s never even worn, all of those precious resources were spent for nothing. Whether you run, walk, swim, bike, you name it, generally there is always a race T shirt if you enter a race. Equally though, the environmental benefit of planting a tree is huge. It helps us fight against climate change by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, it provides a home for a diverse range of species, and it gives us clean air to breathe.

Now the cost of planting a tree is £5. The Core Club challenge is to commit for the month of March and do some pre-set movement patterning and some free play movement patterning every day of the month. Each day of movement is worth £0.17 and at the end of the month you will have built up equity of £5.27 which you then either donate yourself or ask Core Club Online to donate on your behalf if money is a real issue for you at this time. The extra 27 pence covers all the transfer fees payable on the PayPal and Stripe payment platforms. You cannot purchase your tree before the end of the month. This is an exercise in working towards an outcome, not buying something because you can. You need to do the work. If you want to buy more than one tree you can, but again, in order to do that you need to do the work during the month to earn the right to do so. We live in an age of all you can eat and on demand TV where you can have everything at the touch of a button. But not here. Here you need to move.

Members will be able to donate £5.27 through a button on the JRSTT website in the shop on the 31st March. Not before mind. All money will go to the Trees not Tees campaign.

The goal? There’s always a goal right. A minimum of 150 trees. Wouldn’t that be something.

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