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SVP100 Route Solo

Wales was Covid cancelled last weekend and it's taken me a while to climb out of the fog. I should be in the mountains right now, hopefully not far from the finish but I'm not, I'm sat here writing this.

What to do? Well going and doing it unsupported wasn't an option as I need to work having given so many hours for free during lockdown. The race is now next June so I figure it gives me another 9 months to get myself in even better shape.

A lot has changed for me. I am I feel in a very different place, So what better way to test that than by running the SVP100 route solo. The race isn't one I've ever really done for me. It's always been about others and come just after another race some of the time meaning I wasn't particularly fresh.

So I went and did it to see where i was. Where I am. And I'm pleased to say I'm in a good place, but on reflection that's just made me a little more foggy given that Wales hasn't happened and I am in such good nick. Not that you can even begin to compare the two races. But being in a good place is a good place to be regardless.

My next two outings are with friends in October and November and I'm looking forward to running with them very much. I'm looking for a race in December and one in March to focus in on before the assault on Wales hopefully goes ahead in 2021.


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