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Thank You...

The aim was to show support and raise funds for the magnificent NHS and support staff on the front line battling the war against Covid 19. I think what the weekend has shown is that we will, can and must continue to support these people long after the threat has been dealt with. The groundswell of support through your actions has been astonishing and the money you've raised is beyond anyone's wildest dreams. We won't know the final figure until tomorrow but we currently sit at £11,690.00

An unbelievable achievement that you made happen.

The sub plot though was just as interesting. Community. And deeper than that, family, and by family I don't just mean biological.

Up until lockdown, people were hurtling along at a million miles an hour and not having time for one another to really connect. Not all of us but lots of us for sure. This time has afforded people the opportunity to reconnect and reassess.

So a massive well done from everyone on our side of the organisation on this weeks events. You are just the best people and have shown that over and over again.

When we get out of lockdown please take the time to give the people you've worked with on this project a massive hug and say well done. I don't mean people like me and Martin. I mean all of you. The people who made this happen. And maybe remember that we don't have to move quite as fast, for your own wellbeing if nothing else.

See you tomorrow for the next roll outs and enjoy your bank holiday. I guarantee you'll love it just as much.

Sleep well x


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