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Thank you for your CCO 2022 Purchases

Thank you to all of you who bought Core Club passes for 2022. I so look forward to working with you next year.

This Friday coming is the next bargain offer and you will be able to purchase a Run Tech Pack to use in 2022.

5 x 1 hour sessions working on run form technique. These are not 1:1 biomechanics analysis sessions although the first session uses a lot of video in that manner, these are 1:1 run form sessions which are in depth and value added. Sessions focus on Posture, Breathing, Feet, Balance, Arms, Legs, Warm Ups and Downs as well as helping you with a Weekly Structure. Sessions to be taken whenever you want during 2022.

Once you've booked your package we will arrange your schedule.

The deal will be available for 24 hours on Friday 12 November 2021


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