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Think Positive. Think Big.

Lots of people within this community have taken on and achieved huge things this year to date. Some still have that date with destiny to come before we we say goodbye to 2019, some will claim it in 2020.

People often say to me when we first meet that they’re not sure if they can do the really big thing they have in mind. In fact they are sure they can’t.

If you can embrace that fear of failure, you will lift your performance as you will use that healthy loss aversion to motivate you through the training. It really does pay to raise up your sights if you want to be better in achievement than you’ve ever been or thought you could be. Create yourself a silent narrative of extreme, unrealistic ambition.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s true, reasonable or possible. It only matters that you do it. By doing so you set your internal benchmark to the ultimate.

I have watched inspiring leaders use such heady, unrealistic goals to lift their game and use storytelling to bring that world into existence. They tell great, epic stories about what is possible to their teams and soon the world is repeating the story back to them.

You can have this for your goals. I know you can do things that you don’t think you can do. I watch so many of you tick the box post event and move onto the next big thing. Don’t be afraid of change.

Believe in you!! You’ll be amazed how many people that are watching you and supporting you already do.

Aim higher than you thought you ever could. Train and work hard for it and then go claim it.


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