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Thinking About Buying A Run Pack?

Thinking about booking Run Form Packages? Sue did and is 3 sessions in. So far we've done the following sessions

1. Biomechanical Video Run Assessment 2. Functional Movement Assessment 3. Run Drills & Movement Development Beginnings

Hi John – obviously I haven’t finished the course yet but the early results have been encouraging. An improvement of 15 secs per mile with no additional perceived effort! I was able to do the strengthening exercises for the week I was away camping – this led to some stiffness in my left calf on the first run but it soon cleared up! My partner Jo commented that I was running much more upright (despite the fact I still feel if I am leaning forward) and using my arms more. I’m much lighter on my feet and feeling relaxed whilst running.

I find you very knowledgeable, attentive and supportive as a coach. As an athlete and a runner yourself you deeply understand the issues and mind set required to improve running technique. In fact, your attention to “attitude” as well as form is refreshing and, in my opinion, sets you apart for the usual “run of the mill” coaches. The sessions and your careful programming has helped me make serious and sustainable gains in my speed, endurance and strength which I hope to benefit from for many years to come.

Visit the shop at to see the packages on offer or drop me a line to have a chat.


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