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Unbelievable Jeff!

This afternoon we broke through the magic £11k barrier and we currently sit at £11,105 without Gift Aid, raised for these wonderful people across the Coronavirus pandemic being fought on the front lines at Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals.

I am truly lost for words by the scale of the generosity and also the manner in which people have gone about the business of raising awareness and generally getting people to part with their money. It has been an incredibly humbling experience and one that I have been so privileged to have shared with so many people. Friends.

But we aren't done yet! We have until Midnight tonight to draw a line under this fantastic project that we've all invested so heavily in for one week of our lives. It's given all of us I think a sense of purpose and focus during difficult times, a sense of belonging and bound us together across wider communities.

Tonight we will celebrate the great work of the people who've worked across this project in the form of #Grinners. I hope we can share that happiness across socials in an effort to push the total even higher and give this part of the project a fitting send off.

Thank you all for your amazing contributions. Whilst we already know that Coronavirus will and has changed our world forever, I don't think we will ever forget how we came together to work on this project and raise this huge amount of money. I will let you know what comes next tomorrow. If you know me well enough, you'll know there is always a next phase. You have some hard work to get through before you get to celebrate again, just like the last trilogy. But you find out about the end before the beginning this time. I think that's only fair given the work you've put in.

Keep pushing the stories on socials up until Midnight and keep sharing your stories and achievements.

Thank you all for your amazing focus and dedication to help them help us.

Much love

JR x


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