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Wendover Woods 100 Thank you

So this is me just under a week ago running it in after just shy of 104 miles on the clock and 31 hours 36 odd minutes (haven’t looked at the official timings - don’t care) of moving. I say moving because some of it was un runnable because of the vertical climbing and descent.

I really wanted a time bound 100 with heavy vertical climbing over the offer of bagging a flatter one which I’ve always felt would be well within me. I'm really happy with the 20,000 feet this race wound in and out of me.

It’s taken me what has felt like an age at times to get this distance done and there have been times when I could have thrown in the towel. However with determination, attention to detail and the unwavering love and support of friends and family I never stopped believing. As I crossed the line thoughts went to Wales and that I felt sure I'd have carved a finish there too without the injury that happened. That can wait though, Wales isn't going anywhere.

This race did come with its issues. I was sick twice between 30-40 miles, I had a really bad fall between 50-60 and then terrible loop as a result. It came down to running as even a 60-70, 70-80 and then 80-90 as I could. That bought me just under 4 hours for the last 10 which meant I could finally relax and take it all in. I loved the mental cruelty and physical questions the race asked me as always.

As a race, Wendover Woods 100 is brutal. As a race org company Centurian are as good as it gets and James is just the most brilliant of people to be around.

So thank you. Thank you to you all for your love and support this weekend and over time helping me get this done.

Lastly, if you’ve got mountains of any kind that you want to conquer, please just let me say, never give up regardless of how hard and lonely at times it will feel.

Keep working hard, stay focused and always keep believing.

Lots of love

JR x


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