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100 Mile Run In My Back Garden - Keep Going For The Frontline

This Friday coming is VE Day. A day we should all remember in terms of being crucial in securing the freedom that we sometimes take for granted.

The events of the last few months have seen a different type of attack on the world in the form of a virus. An attack that has put restrictions on us and made us live in a way that none of us would likely naturally choose.

Despite all the restrictions however, we are all still free. Some people though have not been so lucky.

On Friday 6th May at 6am, I shall start running up and down my garden path.

The journey is 100 miles. The length of my garden path is 0.02 miles. That is 5000 laps.

The Garden Marathon challenge at the beginning of lockdown saw me add to the lap distance by running around our courtyard during some of the marathon. With this challenge I will need to really look after my hips so have taken that element of the route out.

I aim to finish on Saturday morning by the time you beautiful people have finished Core Club with Martin. Core Club on Saturday morning will be a belter of a session. Be there!

My 100+ miler last summer had beautiful scenery and just over 20,000 feet of climbing. I came home in 31 hours 36 minutes. It was a blistering hot weekend. This time I am looking at 28-30 hours which is still a long time but my biggest fears on this one are boredom, the not being able to get into any kind of rhythm, the constant turning and a lack of scenery. No climbing yes but loads that could go wrong.

Having thought long and hard about whether to take it on, I’m pretty certain I won’t get there without you as I think the boredom will get me. Basically, I am going to need your help.

If you want to get involved and run a distance between 1-100 miles please do. We will continue to hopefully raise more money for our chosen charity appeal. We will try and get some press and raise some awareness along the way.

Regardless of whether you run or not there will be specific virtual check point slots that you can dial into via zoom and chat or run or both with me.

I’d be very grateful for 5-10 minutes company. Organise a time with your friends within Core Club, book the slot with me via email stating the checkpoint you want in the title and then dial in via zoom and I will be there. We have called them virtual checkpoints. Friendly faces are what will make this happen.

Friday 6th May we remember and support the frontline of VE Day and the frontline in this war. The NHS staff, NHS volunteers and key workers.

Stay safe.

JR x


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