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Glute and Hamstring Activation

I've been working with a lot of runners over the last year helping them to improve their glute and hamstring activation. We've been using a range of exercises and the trusty theraband to build core strength and stability.

This has effectively strengthened their knee joints and ultimately made them more efficient when simple drills have been added in alongside to develop their running efficiency.

The gait of many runners is too focused on the quads and hip flexors causing them to feel tight through their ITB section. If you can learn to keep your knees soft, rather than straight and bend from the hip rather than the lower back, you will produce a muscle co-contraction of the glute and then the hamstring which is ultimately what all runners should be striving for.

Before you ask, yes it is possible to reorganise your motor memory over a period of time if you are prepared to work at it.

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