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Back Running After Recovery

First run out today after my 104 mile, 20,000 feet elevation run journey of discovery 12 days ago. The extremely hot spell over the Friday and Saturday of the race has meant that I was a lot more dehydrated than I believed at the time. Looking after my body and nursing it back to health has been a process which I could have cut corners on as the natural urge is to want to get back out and run.

Legs felt amazing after some serious rehab work on them coupled with the knowledge that resisting the urge to rush the process would pay back ten fold when the process was completed. Coming out of the race without even a blister obviously helped but that’s all about my strength, mobilisation, balance and loading work over the last eighteen months coupled with the weight I’ve lost and all I do now to manage my ongoing stomach issues.

Strength, mobilisation, balance, loading, stretch and myofascial work is key in any process. Don’t skip the process.


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