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Bazza’s Ready To Do Battle

Massive, massive Friday shout out to Rosie Barrack or Bazza as she is affectionately known in this house, who I have the pleasure of running with tomorrow to chase down her first 100km finish at SVP100. She has put in an unbelievable shift to get to the start line on something that was way out of her comfort zone back when she pressed the button on entry all those months ago. Now though, whilst there are nerves, she is in the best of places to grab her prize.

She’s run the path forwards and backwards in sections in training both with me and others. She’s nailed her nutrition, she’s destroyed her balance and strength and conditioning work. She’s trialed her clothing and she’s worked so hard on the mental. All with massive support from Daniel, Dylan, Esme at home and family and friends along the way.

We haven’t practiced being human kites but we will worry about that if we need to tomorrow.

If you’re out on the course tomorrow please do make a point of roaring Rosie and all runners across the 100 and 50 races home.

Don’t forget to tag #JRSTT or #Grinners in your photos for the Sunday night salute.


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