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Core Club Online. Movement Not Exercise.

With races, events and seasons all either cancelled, postponed or undecided if they go ahead at present, the world of sport and the fitness industry really is on the back foot and quite rightly so.

That said, life goes on.

The implications of Covid 19 I believe will mean that sport will take a long time to recover and parts of it possibly won't. Some professional clubs and a lot of fitness related businesses will go to the wall in the coming months.

Clubs, gyms, organisations at a grass roots level that have never bothered trying to understand who their memberships are and feel it not part of their responsibility will struggle and wither.

Clubs, gyms and organisations with a lack of identity purely because they don't know where they are going so can't communicate it, will also struggle to the point where it will become an impossible ask.

Already, social media posts from clubs, gyms and organisations that started out with fresh ambition and a desire to use the Covid 19 opportunity to be different have gone. Normal behaviours always win in the end.

I've also started to see the posts this last few days about scales being put away and eating habits having slipped. It's a mirror of the after Christmas gym surge we see every year as enthusiasm for new beginnings wane and old patterns re-emerge. We've been on enforced lock down for about the same period of time. It's simply human programming. So what could you do?

Quite simply, stop being reactive and start being proactive. Stop being time poor and start being realistic.

Core Club Online goes again tonight at 7:30pm on zoom.

Classes are free.

Core Club. Movement not exercise.


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