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Core Club Online Pricing Update

As you know, since the beginning of lockdown, all Core Club Online classes and content has been free to all.

Having no income myself I felt it unfair to ask people to pay for something that they didn't in the grand scheme of things necessarily need to have to worry about. That said, lockdown has been a long, and at times laborious process and I would like to think that we've given you focus and an opportunity to stay active, motivated and build some life long friendships. Big wins Along the way there have been some massive highs for us all, the big one being the £18,675 odd that we've raised together so far for the Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals NHS Staff Covid 19 Welfare Fund. We've also had the Garden Marathon, Confinement, King of the Jungle, VE Day 100, Strava Art and of course Run or Walk 5k for the NHS. The lunchtime sessions have proved popular. The learning has been off the chart. Changes But the world is changing again and we need to change with it. So changes are on the way... This page will remain open to all, that won't change but all classes as of the 1st June will all go back to being paid for. There are two options. Monthly Pass A monthly pass for £35 that gives you access to all classes across the month. That's 24 classes, 3 lunchtime, Monday evening, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. All accessible via Zoom. Monday and Wednesday evening classes from 1st June go back to a 7pm start. Monthly pass also sees you gain access to a video platform (goes live 1st June) that houses all the movement patterns that make up the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday classes so that you can learn and develop your ability at your own pace. Notes will no longer be needed for these classes. These classes will become more focussed on movement with less talking and create a higher intensity that benefits the online arena. That said you are working at your own pace, focused on your breathing, your form and your mind muscle connection development. Classes from June are all new content and believe me it is exciting. The format lends itself to you making real gains that will benefit your life, your sport and I would like to think, your mental health. At some point the lunchtime classes will disappear as the world goes back to work full swing. The monthly price won't then change however. 12 classes for £35 is still exceptional value. For now, make the most of the extra content and the 24 classes. You can purchase your monthly pass now by visiting the website Monthly Pass £35 1. Go to the shop and purchase a the monthly pass for June 2. Once you reach the confirmation screen, download the PDF which contains a coupon code and password. 3. Choose which classes you want to attend and book on using the coupon code. 4. You will receive a booking email which contains the direct link to the Zoom session - keep it safe and login just before the session. 5. Use the password to enter the video section of the website at any time. This will be updated regularly. 6. Any problems then please DM Carla Wiggins Class Pass Class pass gives you access to the single classes you want, on a budget. There is however no access to the video platform and no notes. That said, the movement patterns and the feeling you will be left with at the end of the session will be one of having fully invested in yourself for the hour. Great value for £5 I would say. You can purchase your class pass now by visiting the website Class Pass £5 1. Choose which classes you want to attend and book on using the coupon code. 2. You will receive a booking email which contains the direct link to the Zoom session - keep it safe and login just before the session. 3. Any problems then please DM Carla Wiggins We hope you will stay... With gyms not opening anytime soon and the science behind the work we put together to build strong bodies, this has to be a game changer within the current environment. Until we can get back into our normal group, face-to-face environment at the school, this is how Core Club will be. I think you'll love it. Thank you Lastly, if you've been coming to all the Core Club free sessions and are going to part company with us now, thank you for spending time with us. It's been a life changing 12 weeks for us all and you've been part of making that experience special within our community. I love that this community is supportive, encouraging, non judgemental and full of freedom. I hope you find that again on your journey. If you've enjoyed listening and learning but haven't made a donation, maybe you could, however small. Again, this can be done through the website


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