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Every Move You Make...

As a human being, every movement pattern that you perform is unique. Your next movement pattern is also based upon your last movement pattern so when you think about it like that it is clear that your brain and nervous system are tasked with making split second decisions over and over again every second of your life.

The patterning you perform in your daily life generally as an adult is poor. So it follows that to change and better that, rehabilitation is key. Rehabilitation does not just mean injured. It can and does in this case mean inefficient.

If we are to really develop our movement patterning to a level that gives us real efficiency, we have to ask the question WHY? Over and over again.

I wrote the One2Run5k programme as an introduction to run form and more efficient running but as I said on the course I delivered before Christmas a number of times, the course is scratching the surface and isn't anything more than a basic introduction to running and the elements of it and surrounding it. It's a very solid start point to jump off from.

Coaching and helping athletes to develop their form isn't just a question of saying do this with your arms and legs if you want to get quicker, become a better athlete, stop getting injured or living with pain. It's a question of analysis, functional movement patterning, rehabilitation and learning, development of movement and then developing the training.

I'm delighted to say that I will be revisiting a number of in-depth courses through JRSTT and Core Club starting when the clocks change and we have more light.

Keep watching this space to be part of it.

JR x


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