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May Is All About Education Over At Core Club Online


Core Club Online in May is all about education. Education of the body and more specifically some key areas that often get overlooked by humans as not important. I’m giving you a week of each. Some of the week will be about theory, some of it will be practical, some of it will be about movement. None of it is sport specific or aimed at a particular flavour of sport. As we do with core club online, intensity goes up and down. After all the activity of the first four months and movement now opening up for you all in different forms as lockdown is lifted, we need to reduce our load a little as load elsewhere increases. This is an interesting topic in itself as a lot of clubs seem to have forgotten that their members haven’t had the opportunity to train with as much intensity and my injury and rehab work has gone through the roof with some sports as a result. May is all about information and it has no bias regarding sport or movement.

The weekly topics for the month are as follows;


Mind Muscle Connection


Gut Health

Be there 👣


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