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I’m okay everyone. I was having the best time, felt really strong and was not in any trouble. I was how ever having difficulty standing up on descents. A mixture of my vertigo and wet rock.

I managed to go arse over tit on the descent out of Rhyd Dhu, snapped a pole and smacked my head on rocks. I spent the next 15 minutes throwing up and lost all my confidence. From there I lost the sight in my left eye for extended periods. Pretty scary but I felt confident it was concussion as proved so no need panic too much. So I limped into the check point and even having taken an age to descend I was still an hour inside the cut off. But I called it. No way I could go on with one pole and a further 20.000 feet and 50 miles to navigate with intermittent eye sight.

This race is nuts. Nothing compares.

Next year.


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