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These Run Tech and Coaching Packages are available to purchase in the Shop

Multi-Directional Speed Development

Speed is many things all coming together. Stride length and rate, biomechanics, and your efficiency as a runner, breathing, your mobilisation capabilities, and probably most importantly, your ability to listen and learn new skills, all play a part. 


You will need to move from unconsciously incompetent, to unconsciously competent across the stages between these two points. This takes time, practice, desire, and commitment. 


This four sessions one to one development programme is full of hands-on learning that will have you working hard between sessions to make sure that the work you are doing becomes part of you.


If you really want to get quicker and become a better athlete, this programme will give you all the tools to get there in the shortest space of time.

Run Tech 1-1 Sessions

Three x 1-hour sessions working on run form technique. These are not 1:1 biomechanics analysis sessions, these are 1:1 run form sessions.

Biomechanical Run Tech Analysis

Four x 1-hour sessions focusing in on Why you move the way you do, Biomechanical video run form analysis, Functional movement analysis, Run drills movement development, Feet, Posture, Cadence, Breathing, Arms, Legs, Head and Mind development. 

Experiment of One/Endurance Development/1:1 Coaching

Thirteen or ten x 1-hour sessions working on anything of your choice from soft tissue to biomechanics analysis, to run form technique, to endurance, strength and conditioning, to balance and posture for running. 


Scrum Tech

“The challenge is to build a feeling of oneness and of dependence upon one another”


Scrum Tech builds better scrums and better scrummagers. Gone are the days when the scrum was merely a way of restarting the game. Now it is a crucial part of the game but with the way the game is going I saw a need for a solution to the endless collapses and boring re-sets that I was seeing in the men's game. 


Scrum Tech builds better packs. Players that can maintain their footing, stay bound, hold themselves, and ultimately scrum up. Biomechanics is a huge tool in elite sport. Why are you not using it in your environment?


This is a fully interactive day full of learning opportunities. Learning how to train your body for a specific task is something that is often missed in sport. This is a different way of working on the tech side of the scrum that sees players empowered in a coaching environment. I work with your forward coaches to ensure that their understanding is also at a level that will see you as a team, fully self-sufficient to the point of being able to continue this learning long after the session has been delivered. 

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